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Puerto Rico is where the easygoing Caribbean collides with the slick efficiency of modern America over syncopated Latin rhythms and rose-tinted tropical sunsets. The result is a colorful, diverse and culturally unique island that is often as confusing as it is cosmopolitan. Hip, funky restaurants nestle next to 15th-century Spanish forts; sprawling concrete shopping malls encroach upon the fecund tropical rainforests; and glitzy casinos lie juxtaposed against some of the most stunning beaches, caves and offshore coral reefs in the Caribbean.

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Round trip airfare sampler*

Baltimore - $325     Denver - $395
Boston - $325     Houston - $425
Chicago - $360     Los Angeles - $475
Dallas - $475     New York City - $315

*Approximate roundtrip coach fares to San Juan obtained in July 2012.