Case Competition

Case Presentation Competition

Lewis Nelson, MD
New York City Poison Control Center
New York University and Bellevue Hospital
New York, New York

Int J Med Toxicol 2000; 3(3): 11

These case conferences are supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Orphan Medical, Inc.  
For more information, please call 1-888-8ORPHAN.

The Case Presentation Competition (CPC) was initiated in 1999 as an attempt to foster good natured interactions among the existing Medical Toxicology fellowships. In addition, practicing toxicologists are offered insight into thought processes that are involved a colleague’s unraveling of a puzzling case. The competition was an instant success thanks largely to the hard work and good nature of the first seven participants, who represented four separate fellowship programs.


An appropriate case for presentation included (but was not limited to):

  • An unusual presentation of a common toxicological problem.
  • A common presentation of an unusual toxicological problem.

In addition, it was required that:

  • The case would be considered to be toxicologic in nature by a prudent Medical Toxicologist.
  • The case was solvable with the information provided (n.b. there must be an answer).
  • The case allowed for the generation of a differential diagnosis and discussion of clinical decision making.

The cases were selected by the presenting institution and given to the discussant about 8 weeks prior to the competition. Only the information that is shown was provided and no additional assistance was offered. The objective was to discuss the differential diagnosis of the clinical findings, highlight the supporting and refuting evidence, and suggest additional testing that would be helpful. Building a conceptual framework that brought together all available evidence was most important, not the final answer. Although obtaining the correct final answer was not critical, an attempt at the correct diagnosis was required.

Case Program Presenter Discussant (program)
1 Arizona Jeff Suchard Ed Kuffner (RMPC)
2 Rocky Mountain Kenon Heard Jeff Suchard (Arizona)
3 Chicago David Gummin Mike Spadafora (Cincinatti)
4 Cincinatti Ed Bottei Steve Aks (Chicago)

Int J Med Toxicol 2000; 3(3): 11

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