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New Section:  New Drug Approvals from a Toxicologist’s Viewpoint

Keith Burkhart, MD
Central Pennsylvania Poison Center
The Pennsylvania State University
Hershey, PA 17033

Int J Med Toxicol 1999; 3(4):25
See also New Drug Approval, 3(4): 26

IJMT in this issue introduces a new section, New Drug Approvals from a Toxicologist’s Viewpoint. Michael J. Burns, MD authors the first manuscript entitled, "The Pharmacology and Toxicology of Reboxetine." Dr. Burns has also agreed to become section editor. This series will provide a pharmacologic review of new drug approvals that will impact toxicology practice. The adverse drug reaction, drug interaction and overdose experience of new drug approvals is usually very limited. The authors in this series will provide insights into what toxicity to expect and warnings about toxicity that theoretically may occur. Enjoy the reading of these manuscripts. See how well toxicologists predict the future. IJMT encourages letters to the editor following any manuscripts in this series. While Dr. Burns and I will be soliciting many authors to write these manuscripts, we encourage volunteerism from all members of the toxicology community. Please send your ideas and suggestions to ijmt@pamedsoc.org. We look forward to your comments and feedback.

Int J Med Toxicol 1999; 3(4):25
See also New Drug Approval, 3(4): 26

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