ACMT's charitable choice:
The Medical Toxicology Foundation

Ensuring the Future of Medical Toxicology

The field of medical toxicology is at a pivotal point in its history. Concerns about the adverse effects of drugs, chemical, and natural toxins on human health have never been higher.  In recent years heightened attention has been directed to medication errors and adverse drug reactions.  Acute and chronic complications from drug and alcohol abuse continue to inundate our health care system.  The prevention and treatment of chemical releases, both by accident and intentional terrorist threat, have become national priorities.

Given these challenges, it is essential to the future of medical toxicology that well-trained and qualified medical toxicologists continue to enter and practice in this field while also making advancements in current patient care. The Medical Toxicology Foundation works to sustain and improve the practice of medical toxicology and is committed to funding medical toxicology education and research programs that are vital to the care of patients suffering from the adverse effects of drug, chemical and natural toxin exposures.  

Advancing Patient Care

As the MTF strives towards a brighter future for medical toxicology, we count on continued generosity from our supporters. No other organization is better equipped to help meet the demand for better patient care today while advancing the course of education and research that will yield tomorrow’s medical breakthroughs.

By supporting the MTF, you play an integral role in advancing patient care, while ensuring the future of medical toxicology.