Medical Toxicology in Industry Fellows Rotation Elective

UPDATED Application Deadlines: 

Sep 25, 2022 (for Oct 2022 rotation)
Dec 15, 2022 (for Feb 2023 rotation)

Number of Awards: 8-10 (4-5 awarded for each rotation)
Nature of Rotation: 4-week virtual rotation
Rotation Periods: 

Rotation 1: 10/3/22 – 10/28/22
Rotation 2: 2/6/23 – 3/2/23

Program Overview

The focus of this program is to create opportunities for fellows to experience another facet of medical toxicology during their fellowship and introduce them to the possibility of a career in industry. The goal is to teach the principles of product development from the R&D pipeline, through the regulatory process, to launch and post-market stewardship. The rotation will address the gap in understanding the role of industry and the regulatory oversight of bringing important technology from the academic arena to the public sphere.

Bayer will be responsible for developing objectives and a curriculum that provides fellows with experiential learning opportunities across the spectrum of medical toxicology within their organization.

Rotations will be four weeks long with dates varying based on the site. Currently, opportunities are virtual only.  Post-rotation evaluations will be required.

For more information about the program (objectives, curriculum, terms, etc.), please view the RFA guidelines.

Program Eligibility and Schedule

For 2022-2023, the Medical Toxicology in Industry Fellow Rotation program will have Bayer hosting eight (8) to ten (10) fellows for a one-month virtual rotation. These fellows will be selected in two cohorts. 

The first cohort of four (4) to five (5) fellows will be selected in the spring of 2022 from the current class of first-year fellows. These fellows will then participate in this virtual rotation during October 2022. 

The second cohort of four (4) to five (5) fellows will be selected in the fall of 2022 from both the first- and second-year fellow class. They will participate in the virtual rotation during February 2023.

Application Procedures

Applicant is required to provide the following information:

  1. Letter of Interest- stating why you are interested in the Medical Toxicology in Industry Fellows Rotation program, the value to your future career path, and what you hope to get from the rotation.  Letters must contain the available rotation periods ranked by preference.  Letters should be limited to one (1) page.

  2. Letter of Support – from your Fellowship Director

  3. Current resume/CV


Submit application materials in .doc or .pdf format via email to Program Manager, Mukta Deia at with ‘[Your Name] MTI Fellow Rotation Program Application’ in the subject line.

Selection Timeline

UPDATED Timeline for October 2022 Rotation:

  • Applications are due by 9/25/2022
  • Review will take place 9/26 – 9/28/2022
  • Notifications will be made on 9/28/2022

UPDATED Timeline for February 2023 Rotation:

  • Applications are due by 12/15/2022
  • Review will take place 12/16 – 12/202022
  • Notifications will be made on 12/20/2022