Medical Toxicology Foundation Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

To be the leading sponsor of toxicology research and education for improved patient care.

Mission Statement

To advance research and education in the prevention and treatment of patients adversely impacted by drugs, chemicals, and natural toxins.

The Value of Medical Toxicology

The field of medical toxicology connects specialty knowledge obtained through research and practice to people exposed to harmful chemicals, environmental hazards, and natural toxins and/or to those dealing with drug abuse or addiction issues. Although they play diverse roles and serve in many different sectors, medical toxicologists often specialize in emergency medicine, pediatrics and/or occupational medicine.

The Value of the Medical Toxicology Foundation

Donors, private foundations, and corporations contribute to the MTF via an annual fund, major gifts, grants, and other channels to fund research, education, and practice programs/initiatives. Contributions made to the MTF are tax-deductible as allowed by prevailing laws. Support the MTF and medical toxicology, make a donation today.