MTF Staff

Paul Wax, MD, FACMT

Executive Director
American College of Medical Toxicology & Medical Toxicology Foundation

Dr. Wax is the Executive Director of the American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) and the Medical Toxicology Foundation (MTF). He received his BA from Dartmouth College, his MD from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, his Emergency Medicine training at the UCLA Hospitals, and his Medical Toxicology training at Bellevue Medicine Center/New York University. He is board-certified in both Medical Toxicology and Emergency Medicine and is a Fellow of the ACMT. Along with his role as the Executive Director of ACMT/MTF, Dr. Wax is a Clinical Professor in Surgery (Emergency Medicine) at the University of Texas, Southwestern School of Medicine where he is a member of the Section of Medical Toxicology and Director of the Medical Toxicology Clinic. Dr. Wax’s previous faculty appointments include the Departments of Emergency Medicine at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and the University of Arizona School of Medicine. Dr. Wax previously served on the ACMT Board of Directors, serving as ACMT Board President from 2006-2008. During this volunteer tenure he chaired the ACMT Education Committee. Dr. Wax served as the National Director of ACMT's Consultation Network to support the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR) Regional Offices and was co-founder of ACMT’s Chemical Agent of Opportunity course. Dr. Wax also served as one of the American Board of Emergency Medicine’s (ABEM) appointees on the Medical Toxicology Subboard. During this time Dr. Wax served as Editor of the Medical Toxicology Board Certification Examination as well as Chairman of the Subboard, and was also the primary author of the 2004 Core Content of Medical Toxicology. Dr. Wax has also served as a consultant to the Centers for Disease Control National Center for Environmental Health’s (NCEH) Division of Laboratory Sciences and was a member of NCEH/ATSDR Board of Scientific Counselors.