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Toxicology Reference Data

Pharmaceuticals, Drugs of Abuse, and Poisonous Plants, Venomous Creatures

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Newsletters and Bulletins

Toxicology Podcasts and Blogs

  • ACMT Podcast

  • The Poison Review 
    A critical update and evaluation of recent scientific literature, news stories, and cultural events related to the field of medical toxicology.

  • Twin City Toxicology 
    Toxicology topic reviews from the fellowship in Minnesota

  • Life in the Fast Lane Toxicology Conundrums 
    The Toxicology Conundrums are targeted case-based question-&-answer toxicology quiz posts designed to highlight important principles, pitfalls, and ‘tricks of the trade’ for the clinical assessment and management of poisoned and envenomed patients.

  • AAPCC 
    The American Association of Poison Control Centers is a nonprofit organization representing America’s 57 poison control centers and promoting poison safety and awareness.