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Introducing ACMT's new podcast Tox in Ten!

ACMT members Elizabeth (Elissa) Moore, DO, and Gillian Beauchamp, MD, deliver evidence-based medical toxicology core content and trending topics in easily digestible bites. Visit and follow on Twitter @toxinten


ACMT Highlights Episode 6 'Dead Men Do Tell Tales – Opioid Related Deaths with Dr. James Gill'

Dr. Gillian Beauchamp sits down with Chief Medical Examiner of Connecticut, Dr. James Gill. Listen to their discussion about opioid related deaths.

ACMT Highlights Episode 5 'The Opioid Epidemic and How We Got Here with Dr. Jeanmarie Perrone, MD'

In this episode of Tox in Ten ACMT Highlights, co-host Dr. Gillian Beauchamp sits down with Emergency Medicine Physician and Medical Toxicologist Dr. Jeanmarie Perrone at the Seminar in Forensic Toxicology.


ACMT Highlights Episode 4 'Flumazenil and Physostigmine with Dr. Spencer Greene'

In this episode of 'Tox in Ten: ACMT Highlights', co-host Dr. Gillian Beauchamp sits down with Emergency Medicine Physician and Medical Toxicologist Dr. Spencer Greene to discuss the use of Flumazenil and Physostigmine.


ACMT Highlights Episode 3 'IV Lipid Emulsion Therapy with Dr. Dianne Calello'


ACMT Highlights Episode 2 'Renal Replacement Therapy with Dr. Josh King'


ACMT Highlights Episode 1 'Naloxone with Dr. Rob Hendrickson: Slow and Steady Wins the Race'


About our podcasters

Moore_Elizabeth_.jpgElizabeth (Elissa) Moore, DO, is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA. She is the Clerkship Director for the medical toxicology rotation at USC, Co-Founder of ACMT’s Women in Toxicology (WiT) section and on the planning committee for ACMT’s ASM in 2019. She is also a participant in Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) “Faculty Incubator” 2018-2019. Her research and educational interests include: medical education, rattlesnake and honey bee envenomation, drugs of abuse, alcohol withdrawal, ED initiation of medication assisted treatment for opioid use disorder, and critical care toxicology.
Gillian_Beauchamp_2015.jpgGillian Beauchamp, MD, is a member of the toxicology faculty and Assistant Director of Research in Medical Toxicology at Lehigh Valley Health Network Department of Emergency and Hospital Medicine, Section of Medical Toxicology.  She is an assistant professor at University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine.  She is board certified in emergency medicine, medical toxicology and addiction medicine.  Gillian leads online education for ACMT.  Her research and administrative areas of focus are opioid stewardship and linkage to treatment/medication assisted treatment for substance use disorder.