ACMT/ToxIC Awarded Supplemental Subcontract on NIDA R01 Grant to Expand Fentanyl Project

In July of 2022 ToxIC  was awarded a supplemental subcontract to the Icahn School of Medicine R01 from NIDA (Alex Manini, MD, MS, FACMT, Principal Investigator). This project, entitled "Predicting Medical Consequences of Novel Fentanyl Analog Overdose Using the Toxicology Investigators Consortium (ToxIC)," utilizes high volume geographically diverse ToxIC sites to evaluate risk factors, characterize novel synthetic opioids used, evaluate optimal treatments, and track regional trends in fentalog overdoses. According to ToxIC

Program Director, Kim Aldy, DO, MS, MBA, “this additional funding will greatly enhance our surveillance capabilities by tripling the case accrual from 250 cases to 750 cases per year."