The MTF Future Fund

Building for the Future; Saving Lives Today

What is the MTF Future Fund? Our Plan to Build for A Sustainable Future!

Since 2009, the MTF has built a solid base of loyal donors whose generosity has allowed us to provide outstanding opportunities in education and research to many. The Foundation is committed to investing in the future of medical toxicology, and to that end, in 2021 we initiated a five-year campaign to raise $250,000 to establish the Future Fund. This fund will ensure that the MTF has the available resources to build upon our successes and to sustain this vitally important community of medical toxicologists.

Why should you support the MTF Future Fund?

A poisoning is reported every 15 seconds in the United States. Adverse events, overdose, or other reactions to prescribed, over-the-counter, or illicit substances, as well as exposures to chemical, radiologic, biological, or environmental toxins, and occupational hazards are just some of the ways you, your child, or someone you care about can be poisoned. Patient access to the the expertise of a board-certified medical toxicologist, could significantly impact the outcome of these events.

Improving patient care is our vision for the future. Ensuring that every patient who requires the specialty care of a medical toxicologist has that care, that drugs in development are safe for patients; this is the vision for our future! Donor gifts to the Future Fund go directly to support MTF research, education and training opportunities for Medical Toxicologists, contributing to advancements that directly impact patient care now and in the future.

How can you contribute to the MTF Future Fund?

To meet our total goal of raising $250,000, we have set an annual fundraising goal of $50,000 for the next five years. Consider making a multi-year pledge or a one-time gift and invest in the future of medical toxicology.

For more information on supporting the MTF Future Fund, reach out to Mimi Bajagich, MTF Development Manager, at

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