Impact Story: Emily Amador, DO

Emily Amador, DO
2023 Michael P. Spadafora Medical Toxicology Travel Award

Award Purpose: Travel to attend ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting
Funding Year: 2023

"I was able to attend the 2023 ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting and Symposium with the generous Michael P. Spadafora Travel Scholarship Award. My interest in medical toxicology has only increased over time and as a resident who will be applying this summer, I dreamed of going to this spring's ACMT conference to solidify my interests. The conference was a tremendous learning experience, and I enjoyed every aspect. The lectures helped to further expand my love of toxicology and meeting everyone in person made me realize how fun, genuine, and passionate the people who are attracted to toxicology tend to be. Additionally, I enjoyed hearing about the history of toxicology and discovering the force behind what the group is today. I am honored to have received this award, which not only allowed me to attend the conference, but gave me a greater gratitude for the topics, history, and people of toxicology. I will be forever grateful for this experience."