Bryan Judge, MD, FACMT MTF Board Member


Dr. Judge has served in a number of faculty roles before becoming the Program Director of the Emergency Medicine Residency Program. The interface with people that occurs during his job has been essential in providing him with much satisfaction and keeps ignited his passion for 'what he does' and 'why he does it'. He enjoys going to work every day and connecting with faculty, medical students, and residents in order to deliver compassionate and quality care for patients. He has four children and his spare time is spent with family and friends. He enjoys cooking, erging, hunting, rowing and writing. His next academic accomplishment is to complete a master's degree in health professions education in order to keep bringing innovative educational ideas and methods to the program.


Dr. Judge graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine and the GRMEP Emergency Medicine Residency Program. Following graduation, he completed a fellowship in medical toxicology at Indiana University in Indianapolis.