Announcing the Ward and Ryan Donovan Lectureship on Drug Abuse/Addiction Toxicology

Medical Toxicology lost a passionate, devoted physician, medical toxicologist, and loyal supporter in early 2020 with the passing of Ward Donovan, MD, FACMT. As a past president of the American College of Medical Toxicology and board member for the Medical Toxicology Foundation, Dr. Donovan had a passionate, lifetime commitment to medical toxicology. To support that commitment Dr. Donovan left a legacy gift to the Medical Toxicology Foundation to support and ensure the ongoing work of drug abuse/addiction toxicology in memory of his son who passed away several years ago.

His gift of $100,000 will be combined with the existing Ryan Donovan Memorial Fund to create an endowed fund, the Ward and Ryan Donovan Memorial Fund, to support a lectureship in both of their memories – the “Ward and Ryan Donovan Lectureship on Drug/Abuse/Addiction Toxicology.”  

The Medical Toxicology Foundation recently launched an endowment campaign “Medical Toxicology: Building for the Future, Saving Lives Today”.  As part of the campaign the Foundation plans to raise matching gifts of $125,000 to this endowed fund.  Each year, beginning in 2022 we will remember and recognize the work and generosity of Dr. Donovan at the American College of Medical Toxicology’s Annual Scientific Meeting with this memorial Lectureship.  A distinguished speaker will be invited to the event to provide a keynote address on this topic.  

For more information on the lectureship or to make a gift to support the endowed fund please visit the Medical Toxicology Foundation at