Impact Story: Oyeyimika Oyekanmi, DO

Oyeyimika Oyekanmi, DO
2023 J&J Consumer Health Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Travel Award Recipient

Award Purpose: Travel to attend ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting
Funding Year: 2023

"It was a true honour to accept the MTF’s Johnson and Johnson Consumer Health DEI Travel award at the 2023 ACMT
Annual Scientific Meeting and Symposium in San Diego, CA. I was grateful for the opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in toxicology - in what was an action-packed schedule with a lot of phenomenal speakers. Most importantly, getting to network with the toxicology community and being welcomed with open arms was equally as inspiring. The true essence of this award was to continue to promote diversity within toxicology. I intend to pay this experience forward by continuing to promote diversity initiatives, both personally and on an organizational level. As I prepare to start my fellowship in medical toxicology at the Virginia Commonwealth University, I look forward to the continued personal and professional growth and development that comes with being a member of ACMT and attending the Annual Scientific Meeting and Symposium.