ACMT Strategic Plan

American College of Medical Toxicology Strategic Plan 2024—2029

Mission Statement

Advance the toxicological care of patients and populations; advocate for the specialty of medical toxicology

Vision Statement

Every patient and population benefits from the expertise of medical toxicologists

ACMT Core Values

All patients receive the highest quality of care

Medical toxicology is an integral part of the healthcare system

Education, research, and translation are imperative to improve patient care

Leadership, innovation, and advocacy are essential to advancing medical toxicology

Members are our strength

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1.

Improve the toxicologic assessment, treatment, and care of patients and populations in the United States and internationally.

Objective 1. Increase the evidence and resources that establish the value of medical toxicologists within the health care system

Objective 2. Increase knowledge of medical toxicology and the care of patients and populations to health care and public health professionals

Objective 3. Advocate for medical toxicology through key partnerships and policy

Objective 4. Increase the number of practicing board-certified medical toxicologists

Objective 5. Strengthen the quality and scope of medical toxicology research and translation into practice

Goal 2.

Enhance membership value and engagement

Objective 1. Provide the highest quality education and other opportunities to members

Objective 2. Provide robust and diverse communications on matters of relevance and importance to members

Objective 3. Support efforts to build, grow, and sustain a career in medical toxicology

Objective 4. Grow, engage, and retain a diverse membership

Objective 5. Promote member professional growth and develop medical toxicology leaders

Goal 3.

Ensure ACMT is a highly valued, relevant, and sustainable organization

Objective 1. Position ACMT as the recognized and sought-after leader in medical toxicology

Objective 2. Ensure financial security — increase and diversify revenue streams

Objective 3. Strive for organizational excellence