ACMT Strategic Plan

American College of Medical Toxicology Strategic Plan 2021—2023

Mission Statement

Advance the toxicological care of patients and populations; advocate for the specialty of medical toxicology

Vision Statement

Every patient and population benefits from the expertise of medical toxicologists


Advocacy – Advocate for the care of all toxicologic patients and individuals including those most vulnerable

Education – Promote and sustain continuous learning and competency in medical toxicology; serve as the education leaders for other health care providers and the public

Global Health – Advocate for the specialty of medical toxicology globally. Collaborate with health care providers globally through education and research

Health Equity – Ensure that all patients especially those most vulnerable — socially and economically disadvantaged — have access to quality health care

Innovation – Lead change in the field of medical toxicology

Integrity – Be ethical, transparent, and evidence-informed in our communications with our patients, the public, and other health care professionals

Leadership – Guide change and exemplify excellence that will chart the course of medical toxicology

Membership – Provide our members with mentorship and high-quality benefits and encourage diverse practices and career fulfillment

Patient Care – Provide high quality direct patient care in a variety of clinical settings

Research – Create research opportunities that yield new toxicologic knowledge and translate it into clinical care and improved health outcomes for individuals and populations


Goal 1 – Improve the toxicologic assessment, treatment, and care of patients and populations in the United States and Internationally

Goal 2 – Enhance membership value and engagement

Goal 3 – Ensure ACMT is a highly valued, relevant, and sustainable organization