Toxicology Investigators Consortium (ToxIC) FIT Program

Next Application Deadline: January 12, 2024

The ToxIC FIT Program is intended to introduce the fellow to the process of organizing, designing, and administering a large multicenter research and surveillance program. The appointment will provide the fellow with an experience that will enhance his/her career in medical toxicology and help them develop an understanding of multi-center research and dealing with federal and non-governmental funders. Current ToxIC projects are funded by the NIH, CDC, FDA, and corporate contracts. This opportunity provides a unique networking opportunity with leaders in the medical toxicology research community and to be involved in research projects, including potentially at the co-authorship level. At the conclusion of the program, the fellow will be experienced in multiple aspects of multi-center research in medical toxicology.

Selection Process

All fellows in the first year of an accredited Medical Toxicology program are eligible to apply. The appointment is a 15-month commitment that begins in April every year and concludes at the end of June of the following year. ToxIC leadership will review all applications. The top three candidates will be interviewed by the ToxIC leadership. The ideal applicant should be self-motivated, independent, and have a strong interest in developing their skills in multi-center research in medical toxicology. These interests should be evident in activities and accomplishments in years previous to the application (such as previous research experience, a graduate degree, or publications). The applicant will be expected to attend weekly ToxIC administration meetings and other conference calls as necessary.

Desirable Personal Characteristics

  • Ability to: listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, and work well with people individually and in a group;
  • Willing to: prepare for and attend weekly ToxIC meetings, ask questions, take responsibility and follow through on assignments. Weekly ToxIC meetings are on Tuesday afternoons and/or Wednesday mornings;
  • Be: comfortable working as part of a group dedicated to the use of ToxIC as a multi-center research and surveillance network in medical toxicology.

Duties and Responsibilities

The term begins in April every year and concludes at the end of June of the following year. The ToxIC Fellow’s responsibilities will include the following activities:

  1. Attend weekly ToxIC administration meetings.
  2. Be informed about ToxIC’s mission, strategic plan, policies, and programs.
  3. Develop a ToxIC research project and/or be part of other ongoing projects.
  4. Follow ACMT conflict of interest and confidentiality policies.
  5. Assist the ToxIC leadership and staff in various activities as necessary. Ideally, these activities will be chosen commensurate with the fellow’s interest.
  6. Write a ToxIC FIT Perspective for the ACMT Newsletter 2 times per year

Time Commitment

The total expected time commitment is 2 to 4 hours per week.

It is expected that as part of the commitment of support on the part of the fellow’s program, the program director will work closely with the fellow to ensure time will be made available for attendance at the meetings and orientation described in this document

Application Process Requirements

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EXTENDED Application Deadline: January 12, 2024.
Send all application materials to: 

Required Materials:

  • Current Curriculum Vitae
    • Statement of Interest: The statement of interest should be approximately 1 page and should reflect the applicant’s personality and particular interests in medical toxicology. It should also discuss the applicant’s specific background, experience, interest, and career goals. 
    • Letters of recommendation: One letter of recommendation is required from the applicant’s fellowship director. The recommendation can be emailed directly by the fellowship director to 

For more information contact or questions, please contact