Resident / Student Opportunities at ACMT Events

ACMT provides opportunities for residents and medical students to get involved in medical toxicology at our events, including the ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting.

Get Involved

ACMT Resident/Medical Student Section
This section aims to engage residents and medical students in the field of medical toxicology. This section provides resources and guidance on entering and thriving within the field of medical toxicology. This section hopes to assist trainees with participating in toxicology research, finding clinical opportunities, pursuing a toxicology fellowship, exploring careers within the field, and finding mentors.

Annual Scientific Meeting

Platforms, Moderated Posters, and Posters
Showcase your research and advance the field of medical toxicology by submitting an abstract for a Moderated Platform Session or the Poster E-Gallery.

Fellowship Director Meet n’ Greet

Other Opportunities

Tailored Events
ACMT hosts events tailored for medical students and residents at our Annual Scientific Meeting.

Event Discounts
Residents and students receive a significant registration discount for ACMT events.