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The Toxicology Visual Pearls series is a collaboration between ACMT and ALiEM. The pearls are open-access, expert peer-reviewed, toxicology-related visual stimuli followed by a question and discussion. The authors and editors volunteer their time and expertise to bring this well-regarded series to readers of the ALiEM blog. The series is led by Drs. Louise Kao and Bryan Judge from ACMT and Dr. Michelle Lin from ALiEM.
If you are interested in submitting a pearl for the series please see the submission guidelines below. Also, take a look at the New Author Guide.

ACMT's Toxicology Visual Pearls

Link to Pretty (and Deadly) in Purple
Link to Substance-Induced Crystalluria: All That Glitters Is Not Gold
Link to Hypertension and Rash
 to Sink or Swim
 to Questions About Green Pee? Urine Luck!
Link to In "Spore" Taste
Link to Necrotic Spider Bite
Link to A Poke in the Belly
Link to Case of a Toxic Tea
Link to "I have a nagging feeling about this"
Link to Awake Seizures
Link to Perineal Skin Burns
Link to Caterpillar Envenomation
Link to I'll Huff and I'll Puff...
Link to A Foraging Experience to Die For
Link to The Doom from Down Under
Link to Tox Never Smelled So Good
Link to Painful Foot
Link to The Blood Sample Doesn't Look Right
Link to Look, Don't Touch
Link to Painful Hand
Link to Getting Caught Yellow Handed
Link to Mushroom Mania
Link to Abnormal ECG
Link to Eating Foraged Wild Mushrooms
Link to Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
Link to Abnormal Brain Imaging
Link to Blue Urine
Link to Toxic Mouth Pain 
Link to Spider Bite 
Link to Drug-Induced Rash
Link to Toxic "Weed"
Link to Discolored Skin/Urine 
Link to Exotic Viper Envenomation 
Link to Suicide Plant
Link to Drug-Induced QT Prolongation


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How to Submit

Author information:

  • Name, Academic Title, Email address, Faculty Photo, Twitter handle
  • The email address will not be published but if ALiEM readers comment, you will be contacted via email
  • Multiple authors permitted

Visual Item:

  • An image or two such as a photo, EKG, radiology
  • No patient identifying information
  • You keep the rights to the photo. Use copyright free images (ACMT has a library available for this purpose. If interested, please write to: ) or place a copyright on your photo using Creative Commons

Question: Multiple choice question with 4-5 answer choices utilizing the image


  • Answer to the question with a brief one-two paragraph explanation
  • Please include 1-3 references with PMID

Bedside Pearls:

  • Brief bedside pearls for the clinician caring for this type of poisoning.
  • Please include a few references with PMID
Submit your item to Louise Kao: or Bryan Judge: