Apply to Become a Fellow of the College (FACMT)

If you are an active Full, International, or Emeritus ACMT member in good standing for at least 4 years, you are eligible to apply for Fellowship status in the American College of Medical Toxicology. Join this admirable group of medical toxicologists by filling out the following application. In order to be considered for fellowship status, applicants must meet the requirements in at least two of the following categories: clinical practice, research, formal teaching, public service, service to the college. However, we encourage you to make the application as complete as possible. Three letters of recommendation are also required. If you have applied in the past and not been accepted, we encourage you to apply again if your status has changed. Members from the membership committee and the administrative staff of ACMT would be happy to help with any questions or concerns regarding the application process. It is expected that if you are accepted as a Fellow of ACMT, that you will attend the Annual Scientific Meeting to receive your certificate. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Full Members, International Members, and Members Emeritus of the American College of Medical Toxicology who have met additional criteria as established by members shall be designated as “Fellow of the American College of Medical Toxicology.”  (Section 3-2, ACMT bylaws)


Complete at least one of the criteria in as many categories as you can below. Applicants are encouraged to provide evidence of meeting more than one criteria in each category if possible.

Application Process

Eligible ACMT members will be periodically reminded by mailings and announcements of availability of application materials for Fellow status. The application process will be initiated by the member, and does not require nomination. The application steps and corresponding guidelines are as follows:

Application Guidelines
  1. Fellow applications may be completed at any time by the applicant on this page. Complete applications must be received by October 1st to be considered for the following calendar year. 
  2. Applications will be reviewed by ACMT office staff for completeness and verification that they will have fulfilled the four-year Full Membership requirement by the time of the Annual Scientific Meeting at which they will be accepted. The ACMT office will notify applicant one time of the letters of recommendations needed by email.
  3. Letters of recommendation must come from active Full, International, or Affiliate members of the College and contain a valid signature, either by hand or digitally. Digitally signed letters can be emailed to Hand-signed letters may be scanned and emailed or faxed to 844-226-8333. While not required, we do recommend at least one of the letters of recommendation be from someone with FACMT status. 
  4. Copies of applications will be forwarded to ACMT Membership Committee members for review.
  5. A quorum (majority of all Committee members) must meet to vote on the applications. A two-thirds vote of the Committee members present will be required for recommendation.
  6. All applicants will be notified of their status via email.
  7. Applicants not recommended for approval by the Membership Committee shall be able to submit a written appeal for review and reconsideration of the application by the ACMT Board. If an applicant is recommended by the Committee, but not approved by ACMT membership, no further appeal will be heard, but the applicant may reapply for Fellow status the following year.
  8. New Fellows will be announced at the ACMT Annual Scientific Meeting. It is expected that you will attend the meeting where your Fellowship status is announced.