Medical Toxicology Fellowship Grid

Notes: * XX denotes programs which have trained a fellow from this specialty in the past 5 years, including combined such as EM/IM, IM/Peds.
** For programs listed as Yes, please inquire to the program regarding their acceptance of international applications as there may be some constraints such as visa type,etc.
*** Shift/Service Requirement: There is an additional clinical requirement outside of toxicology (for example ED shifts) incorporated into the program, however please note that at some programs additional compensation is provided for this requirement.

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Program and LocationPhone NumberDirector and ContactApplications Welcome from *International Applications **Shift/Service ***
University of Arizona
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 839-6690Director: JerrySnow
Coordinator: Name
EM (XX), Peds, IM (XX), Occ/PM, Other NoNo
U Arizona South
Tucson, AZ
(520) 626-5582Farshad Shirazi
EM (XX), Peds (XX), IM, Occ/PM, Other YesNo
UC Davis Sacramento, CA(916) 734-5010James Chenoweth jachenoweth@ucdavis.eduEM (XX), Peds, IMYesYes
CA Poison Control San Francisco, CA(415) 643-3241Zhanna Livshits Zhanna.livshits@ucsf.eduEM (XX)NoYes
Rocky Mountain Poison Center
Denver, C
(303) 389-1100Christopher Hoyte Christopher.hoyte@ucdenver.eduEM (XX), Peds (XX), IM (XX), Occ/PM, Other (XX)YesNo
George Washington University
Washington, DC
(202) 362-3867Cathleen Clancy cat@poison.orgEM (XX), Peds (XX), IM, Other YesYes
Emory University/CDC
Atlanta, GA
(404) 616-6651Brent Morgan bmorg02@emory.eduEM (XX), Peds (XX), IM (XX), Occ/PM, Other (XX)YesNo
Toxikon Consortium
Chicago, IL
(312) 864-2787Jenny Lu jlu@cookcountyhhs.orgEM (XX)NoYes
Indiana University
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 962-2335LouiseKao Lkao@iuhealth.orgEM (XX)NoYes