2024 ACMT Education Committee Service Award

This annual award is given to honor a member of the ACMT Education Committee who has displayed excellence in establishing and promoting ACMT's educational program and who has distinguished themself with volunteer service to the committee.

The 2024 ACMT Education Committee Service Award goes to Dr. Gillian Beauchamp. 

Dr. Beauchamp’s contribution to ACMT’s repository of online education materials is immeasurable…but we’re going to try…

In 2017, Dr. Beauchamp who had just completed her MedTox Fellowship the year before, saw a need for some sort of repository or online library of lectures on esoteric medical toxicology topics that may not always be thoroughly covered at all fellowship programs. And so she came up with the MedTox Video Library. And the first year she found 6 volunteers to give lectures on topics like “Rodenticides” and “Breastmilk Toxicology.” And every year since she’s found a few more volunteers to add to it with other topics like “Disulfiram” or “Organic Chemistry Structures.” Today the MedTox Video Library is one of the most popular board exam prep tools in the ACMT Learning Center with 22 videos accessed by 211 users. 

In 2018, Dr. Beauchamp was the leader of a committee to create Flashcards for the Board Review Course. Under her leadership, the committee developed 380 MedTox keywords and concepts which ACMT continues to make available as both an online and notecard tool for those studying for their board exams -- so Dr. Beauchamp has been integral in developing not just one but two of ACMT’s most popular board prep study materials!

But of all her contributions to ACMT, one of the most notable has to be her contribution to the ACMT Tox in Ten Podcast. In collaboration with Dr. Elissa Moore, Dr. Beauchamp has developed 53 episodes in which she interviews speakers from various ACMT events in more detail about their specialty, and delivers

The ACMT Education Committee thanks Dr. Beauchamp for her service and looks forward to many more years of such high quality educational collaboration.