A Message From ACMT President, Louise Kao, MD, FACMT

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

As the year winds down I am filled with a sense of gratitude. Despite the ongoing pandemic and the continuing challenges we are all facing, I have to stop and reflect on the positive and look toward what I hope to be a brighter future.

This year, we had our most successful Match to date, and the largest number of applicants as well.  We filled 92.6% of all positions in the Match this year, where previous years had ranged from 46% - 77% fill rates. Having interviewed a number of these outstanding applicants myself, I am very excited to welcome these newly minted fellows to our medical toxicology family. Congratulations to all!

I am thrilled to introduce the “Tox is Calling Me” podcast and video series, kicking off this month, which will be a series of interviews with medical toxicologists regarding non-academic career paths in medical toxicology. The first episode, "How to be an Expert Witness Within the Field of Medical Toxicology," featuring Jeffrey Brent, MD, FACMT can be accessed on YouTube and Spotify. Many thanks to the Recent Graduate Section (led by Ryan Marino, MD, Bryan Patrick Murray, DO, and Sarah Shafer, MD) and the MTFITA (led by Emily Kiernan, DO) for collaborating on this project!  

As part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, the DEI Taskforce (led by Peter Akpunonu, MD) and the Women in Toxicology group (led by Meghan Spyres, MD, FACMT) will collaborate on brainstorming for future programming and endeavors. The Professional Development Workshop at this year’s Annual Scientific Meeting will feature a DEI lecture by Trevonne Thompson, MD, FACMT, and DEI will be a highlighted topic at the annual Board of Directors retreat in January. Please note that for the first time we will begin collecting (optional) gender, race, and ethnicity data along with the renewal of your ACMT membership.

The resilience and dedication displayed by so many of our ACMT staff, Board of Directors, and members encourage me as we all continue to move forward. I am thankful to be surrounded by such incredible colleagues. Thank you for serving our patients and our communities and please take care of yourselves as well to rejuvenate with the New Year.