ACMT Activities at 2022 NACCT

Thank you to everyone who attended ACMT’s activities at 2022 NACCT. It was so wonderful to see so many colleagues in-person! On Wednesday, September 14th, lead organizer Dr. Andrea Carlson moderated the Pre-Symposium: Mending a Broken Heart: Cardiovascular Challenges in Toxicology, which featured expert speakers sharing their clinical and research-based expertise and perspective on cardio toxicity. The event had 235 registrants.

On Thursday, September 15th, Dr. Jeffrey Suchard hosted the 23nd ACMT Clinical Pathophysiology Competition (CPC). Congratulations to Best Presenter winner Salman Ahsan, MD, and Best Discussant winner Sean McCann, MD. 

On Friday, September 16th, Dr. Andy King moderated the FIT Visiting Professor Lecture featuring ACMT past president, Dr. Leslie Dye, who spoke on “ Making a Decision to Apply for Board Certification in Addiction Medicine.” 

On Saturday, September 17th, Dr. Fiona Garlich moderated the ACMT Practice Symposium which featured Dr. Kathy LeSaint and Dr. Hannah Snyder who spoke on “Harm Reduction in Toxicology Practice.” Also on Saturday, Dr. Jeffrey Brent moderated the ACMT Fellows-in-Training Roundtable on Grants Big & Small - How to Fund Your Studies If You Are a Fellow or a Junior Faculty Member. Lastly, Dr. Steph Weiss moderated the ACMT Scientific Symposium which featured Dr. Jennifer Mitchell and Dr. Andrea Rosati on the Science of Psychedelics. 

Thank you to the following ACMT volunteers for putting together such an exciting program: