ACMT Mourns the Passing of Mark Thoman, MD, FACMT

ACMT Mourns the Passing of Mark Thoman, MD, FACMT

September 2022

Mark E. Thoman, MD, FACMT (1936-2022)

Mark E. Thoman, MD, FACMT passed away on September 19, 2022 in Tucson, Arizona after a brief illness. Mark was a founding member of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology in 1968, and served as AACT President from 1982-1984. In 1975 he helped create the American Board of Medical Toxicology (ABMT) which offered the first board certification examination in medical toxicology, and served as an ABMT board examiner from 1975-1983. Mark was also a founding member of ACMT in 1993 and remained active in ACMT throughout the last 30 years, most recently helping to lead the ACMT Government Section. 

A pediatrician and a flight surgeon, Mark’s career spanned the entire trajectory of the medical toxicology specialty, and he was a noted archivist as well, preserving and sharing many memories over more than a half a century. 

He will be missed by all. 

A long time resident of Des Moines, Iowa before his move to Tucson, his obituary from the Des Moines Registry can be found here