ACMT/ToxIC Awarded 3 FDA Contracts

We are delighted to announce that ACMT has just received notice that we have been awarded three contracts from the FDA to support ToxIC's toxicosurveillance program for the coming year. The first two contracts support and expand ToxIC’s "Drug Overdose Toxico-Surveillance (DOTS) Reporting Program." This program was launched this past Spring and funds seventeen medical toxicology sites across the country to enroll patients who present to the emergency department with severe or life-threatening opioid and/or stimulant overdoses. Detailed clinical information is collected from the patient chart and through patient interviews, and blood is obtained for qualitative and quantitative toxicological analysis performed by ACMT’s partner lab at the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education (CFSRE). More information about DOTS can be found on the ToxIC website.

The third contract launches a new research undertaking known as the "Real-world Examination of Naloxone for Drug Overdose Reversal (RENDOR)" project. Funded as part of the FDA’s Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) program, RENDOR connects medical toxicologists at four of the DOTS sites with their EMS colleagues to collect data on naloxone and nalmefene use by bystanders and non-medical first responders in the field.
These contracts, in addition to our ongoing NIDA and CDC funded Fentalog study (Alex Manini, PI), now with more than 1400 patients enrolled over the last 3.5 years (see updated data on CDC Dashboard), speaks to the tremendous work that medical toxicologists are performing around the country as part of ToxIC’s response to address the rapidly evolving opioid epidemic.
Many thanks to all the ACMT members involved with the ToxIC program for all of their hard work and dedication, and to the ToxIC staff.

Anthony Pizon, MD
ACMT Board President

Paul Wax, MD
Executive Director
Co-PI Toxicology Investigators Consortium

Jeffrey Brent, MD, PhD
Co-PI Toxicology Investigators Consortium