Success of the EMRA and ACMT Toxicology Guide

The 2nd edition of the EMRA and ACMT Medical Toxicology Guide is in the works with an expected release in June 2022. The planned release of the 2nd edition was moved up due to critically low inventory. Print of the 1st edition was projected to last 5 years, but with the Guide’s success, they were faced with the choice to go back on press with 1st edition or move up the release of the 2nd edition. ACMT is excited to continue its partnership with EMRA to bring the valuable clinical tool to our members. 

This guide was very well-received, both in print and app format. It’s included for free in all EMRA resident member kits, fellow member kits, and alumni member kits, and ACMT offers free copies for their student and resident members as well. It is available for sale through EMRA and other vendors. Projected distribution of the guide was anticipated at roughly 8,000 copies per year but this target was exceeded with more than 10,000 copies per year being distributed. A very strong showing for a book in its first edition.

The app includes bonus chapters that simply couldn’t be accommodated in the print format (MAT, vitamins, vaping) along with updates that occurred after printing (pit viper envenomation treatment and algorithm). This is a key function of the app: to allow for ongoing updates between printings.  ACMT is appreciative of its many members who served as editors and content experts for the 1st edition of the EMRA and ACMT Medical Toxicology Guide. A special thanks to: Howard Greller, Min Kang, Louise Kao, Kathy Kopec, Evan Schwarz, Jerry Snow, Meghan Spyres, and Chuck McKay for their contributions and expertise