Evan Schwarz, MD, FACMT Board Member (Term 2: 2022-2025)


Currently, Dr. Schwarz is the Medical Toxicology Fellowship Director and co-director of the Medical Toxicology and Addiction Medicine Clinic. In addition, he is the director of the medical student and resident rotations. He is also very active in ACMT and is an active member of multiple committees. He is also involved at the medical school as one of 3 Advisory Deans in the Office of Student Affairs and has been on the Board of Directors for the Missouri College of Emergency Physicians since 2012.


Dr. Schwarz attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas before completing a residency in Emergency Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis, Missouri. After residency, he completed a fellowship in Medical Toxicology at the University of Texas Southwestern School of Medicine in Dallas, Texas before returning to Missouri as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine. Since returning to Missouri, he has become board certified in Addiction Medicine.