Joshua King, MD, FACMT Board Member (Term 1: 2022-2025)


Josh King is a clinician-educator nephrologist and medical toxicologist with clinical interests in nearly all things involving both tox and kidney, extracorporeal treatment of poisonings, ICU nephrology, and medical education. He is presently Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pharmacy at the University of Maryland, the medical director of the Maryland Poison Center, and the program director of the University of Maryland Nephrology Fellowship. Dr. King's research interests are (unsurprisingly) largely focused on where nephrology and toxicology meet, such as extracorporeal removal of toxins and poisoning in patients with kidney disease.


Dr. King received his medical education from Penn State College of Medicine and completed internal medicine residency and chief residency at the University of Virginia. He completed a nephrology fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and after returning to the University of Virginia as a nephrologist, completed a medical toxicology fellowship there.