Spotlight Feature: Dr. Anthony Pizon

Spotlight Feature

Anthony Pizon, MD, FACMT
ACMT Vice President (2021-2023)

Dr. Anthony Pizon became a member of ACMT in 2004, and his term as ACMT Vice President runs from 2021-2023. He is currently a Professor in Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the Chief of the Division of Medical Toxicology in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are pleased to be able to get to know Dr. Pizon a little better through this brief interview.

Q: What inspired you to specialize in medical toxicology?

AP: I was inspired to pursue medical toxicology through great mentorship I received at the University of Pittsburgh during my emergency medicine residency. I was first introduced to the specialty by Dan Brooks and Jawaid Akhtar who are arguably some of the brightest physicians I have ever known. I was inspired by their practice of medicine and wanted to emulate them. I was then privileged to train in Phoenix at Banner University Medical Center. In Phoenix, my love of medical toxicology was solidified during my fellowship with additional mentorship from Steve Curry, Michelle Ruha, Frank Lovecchio, and Paul Wax. Together they planted a seed that has resulted in an extremely fulfilling career in medical toxicology.

Q: What has been a highlight of your time as a member of ACMT?

AP: I truly enjoy all my past and present activities with ACMT. In general, Medical Toxicologists are bright, engaging, and enjoyable. Because of my involvement in ACMT, I have worked on committees, research, QI projects, case reports, textbook chapters, and a multitude of other activities. Though no single activity has been most enjoyable, the people I’ve encountered have made these endeavors gratifying. 

Q: What might we be surprised to know about you?

AP: I am blessed with an amazing wife, Caryn, and 4 wonderful children, Ben (17), Elizabeth (14), Gabriela (12), and Seraphina(8). They occupy most of my “free” time as I enjoy watching them perform in musicals, play piano and trumpet, run track and cross country, and any number of outdoor activities. Matter of fact, we have a trip to hike Glacier National Park this summer and to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon this winter.

Q: What toxic plant, animal, or substance do you find most fascinating and why?

AP: I have really come to appreciate alcohol, and in particular, alcohol withdrawal. In Pittsburgh, alcohol use disorder is extremely prevalent and an opportunity to help people with this disorder has become a very fulfilling part of my career. I have particularly found an interest in researching the treatment of severe alcohol withdrawal since so much practice variability exists for this condition across specialties. 

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